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  Lfree report buttonoss of income due to unemployment, divorce or death
Check-mark-red  A quick sale in an effort to prevent foreclosure
Check-mark-red  A short sale for houses under water (amount owed exceeds value of house)
Check-mark-red  Job transfer out of the area requiring you to sell your home quickly
Check-mark-red  Inheriting a house causing major inheritance tax issues

Kearns and Associates are effective real estate solution specialists.  With 30+ years of banking and real estate experience,
Eddie Kearns has designed Kearns and Associates to provide flexible real estate solutions from three different perspectives:

Sell or lease your home quickly to avoid foreclosure or other dire situations. We can also list your property on the MLS if we both feel that is the best solution for you.
Find quality investment properties to add to your portfolios. Need someone to evict your tenant? Yes, we can do that too! Start to finish.
Help you find your dream house, even though you need unconventional financing.


Whichever category fits you, call us today to begin the conversation.

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